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Jane Wake

Im a sporty girl and when it comes to being glam – well , lets just say I'm a little rough around the edges! So when I got the job to be the fitness expert on the Lorraine show on ITV1, I momentarily panicked…Then I called Nancy. What she is sooo brilliant at is recognising what would suit you but also what your own style is (I never knew I had one but there you go!)  She looked through my wardrobe, pulled out items that I would not have known had any style and then teamed them up with various various things… err I think I mean accessories!? Anyway,  hey presto!  I became Mrs Sporty Glam – good enough to be on TV! 


When I sat on the ITV  sofa, it wasn’t me they were talking about so much as my outfits! I had to appear a number of times and having each outfit all ready to go, made such a difference to my experience. And it wasn’t just about confidence, it was something much more than that. It's about lifestyle, wellness, feeling complete and happy.  Let's face it – our clothes are not just to be worn but to be seen and lived. Nancy does all these things for you in abundance. If you have a special occasion, holiday, interview, starting a new job or perhaps in a job where you feel you are not being noticed – then  Nancy is the person to call. It's also not all about money – Nancy is so clever – she will make an outfit out of nothing, turn a high street number into a  catwalk latest. Whatever your budget, I think we should all be thinking smart about how we buy our clothes and paying Nancy to help you with this will save you so much money. I needed 8 new outfits once for 8 appearances  - the whole lot came to less than £300. 


Now, I always turn to Nancy. Whether it's a wedding or a media appearance or just wanting to know the next best thing to buy – she has all the answers. She also happens to be one of the loviest people I know! Call her  - you wont regret it. 


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